Friday, October 29, 2010

Funky Junk Finds and Friends

I had to post my Funky Junk finds because, one I love them, and two I have to make sure you girls remember how much fun we had so that you all come and stay with me again and go this spring. It was the best one yet in my opinion, and I am not saying this because they are my friends but, Bri and the girls had the best booth in the whole place. They had two spots this time and double the treasures. I am now really regretting not buying this console/end table thing from them. I was trying to have self control and see everything first and of course it sold. But what I did find was this incredible table and chairs for cheap cheap cheap. I have been looking for a nook table for 2 or more years now and just hadn't found anything I loved...that is until I spoted this beauty. I am still so excited. Thanks Nate, John and Karen for picking it up and bringing it to me!

This adorable $5.00 pink tree with ribbons and bulbs for Brooklyn's room this Christmas! The picture doesn't do it justice.

Some really cute hand made clips for Brooklyn's hair!

Love this picture but the dirt on her face didn't show up on the blog very well. Cute but not afraid to get dirty, love it!

Brooklyn and Trenton were full on wrestling. Boys are so different then girls.

Excuse the picture of me but this is a face Trent has started to make and it just makes me laugh. Probably because he has four teeth all breaking through at the exact same time.

Johnny came to visit again. Ok cause of work but we still love having him. We had a lot of fun! We are soooo glad he comes to the area for work a couple times a year. John, me, Trent, Karen and Brooklyn trying out the new table, works GREAT!


Phil and Bri said...

Look how cute that table looks in there! And it has already been used a ton!!! Love it all! Now I can't wait for the spring show!!!!

The Parsons' blog said...

Jord I LOVE LOVE LOVE the table!!! It's perfect. Awesome find. I still can't believe I didn't make it to the sale. So so so sad... :( Next time. Good finds, friend, gooooood finds.

JJ Dahl said...

The table looks wonderful in your house! So happy you found what you were looking for... I love when, after so long, things finally come together :)

natalie craig said...

HI!!!! How cute is your little family!!! I miss you!!! This blog thing is very new still and I've only gotten how to post... haven't really figured out how to navigate much else yet:)