Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tessa & Hailey Part 2

Trenton taking a snoooooze

Tessa loving the swing

Haden and Char Char and of course Cooper

Sofia caught red handed at the candy table and little Lacey.

Shepherd having fun with the balloons

The girls loving the presents

Welcome to Tessa's party. I found some pictures, Hooray. They are not the best but you can get the idea of the party anyhow. Pink paper dots sewn together, pink sheers and white lights bought for $1 each at a garage sale.

Tessa enjoying the candy gigi kept giving her, can you say SUGAR

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Good

Paper dots, balloons and all things pink!
Happy Birthday Tessa!

The birthday girl and mommy. Cake pops(made by Tammy), an amazing white cake with pink dots(made by Charlotte), lots of pink candy, and pink juice , YUMMY


Tori said...

Jordy - love the pictures! Tessa got quite the pink party. Loved the letters you used to spell her name! So thankful I was able to spend a day with you and your kiddos. Even though we were all sick! They are so fun J! And enjoyed spending a day in your life! Lots of love to you from the heartland! T

zkgormley said...

It was fun to see you a couple weeks ago. Hope you're enjoying vball. Will I see you at the end of the month? Love all your pics of the kids - so busy!

Jamie said...

so cute jordan! i love that pink party. i love your white pumpkins too. i have 2 big white ones too and lots of little ones (i spray painted my little ones gold glitter and metallic black and left the white ones white) you would like it. our your 2 white pumkins for the kids, 1 for brooklyn, 1 for trenton? if so cute!

Karla said...

Your blog is the best! You pick the best pictures and comments are hilarious. Tessie sure loved her GiGi sugar high! Beautiful job you girls did decorating, love pink parties!!