Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Carving Party

I had my junior high volleyball girls over for a harvest party. Once again my friend Bri helped me create one fun party!!! I have been blessed this year by 9 girls who are so joyful. They are innocent without being naive, which I am finding is rare these days. Everyday I was greeted with huge smiles and lots of good laughs.

This is Victoria who definitely had the most difficult pumpkin! What patience and precision she had! Here is the before and after.

The girls carving away. They had a blast. All their pumpkins turned out great!

Jerika, Sammy and Brooklyn. Brooklyn painted her pumpkin while the girls carved. Brooklyn loves the girls!

Carmel Popcorn made by my mom. YUm YUm! THanks MOM
The Decorations!

Getting ready to eat Taco Soup and Corn Bread

Guess How Many Candy Corn! Ali was our winner! 849
Cause Philip ate the 850th one, hehe

Yummy Treats. Not pictured but Carmel apples, candy corn, Carmel popcorn, little friendly ghost cakes, Frozen slushy orange tang, and more!

Auntie Rachelle had a girls weekend in Seattle and came down to P-Town to visit. It was so fun to have her!!!!!!!!!!

Ali, Cheyenne, Jamie, Marissa, Kylie, Taylor, Victoria, Jerika, and Sammy getting ready to carve their pumpkins

Trenton boy and Rachelle's first meeting!!!


Jamie said...

Jordan, your team is adorable and so was your party! i love all your decorations and festivities! i love all the pumpkins everywhere and their carvings! you girls did a really good job throwing your party!

i also love trenton in his lion outfit at the pumpkin patch and you guys continue to be the cutest family!

Phil and Bri said...

Sooooo fun! Your girls were great! So did none of the pumpkins on the porch pics turn out?? :) That was pretty funny!

Tori said...

J - I'm so glad I was able to meet these girls and practice with them! Great pumpkin party! I'm glad those girls have you in their lives! And awesome your sister got to come to P-town!!!!!!!! YEAH! Tori

Molly said...

Jorden...loved seeing your updates. Trenton's getting so big and Brooklyn is still the cutest thing!! Love how you decorate your porch for Fall. Hope you guys are great.

zkgormley said...

You really are a great coach and you can tell that they love you because they know how much you care. With that said, congrats on being done :)
Sorry about the starbucks card! Anything we can do about it?