Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or Treat...Smarties are her favorite treat

Just a cute picture of Brooklyn wanting to hold Trent at the Table.

Our Halloween journey started at some friends house for a little get together with all the kids. They had fun playing with the toys and each other. Cami was not a witch but she really liked this hat and I couldn't resist this picture of her!

Trent my little lion hear him roar...

Some of the kids playing in their costumes

Introducing Brooklyn the bumble bee, she likes the tools. My first attempt at a costume . I took my inspiration from the costumes my Grandma use to make us. We were all a bumble bee at one point or another

Trent was shaking that rattle!

Little Delaney Raye (sorry Erin if the spelling is wrong)

Then we went home to see Gigi, Papa, Auntie Karla, and Tammy and hand out Candy. Some friends stopped by... Marcus, Reese, Drew and Brooklyn. Marcus (David and Erica McNicols little guy for those who know them) lives in our neighborhood so Brooklyn went out trick or treating with them. It was a blast.

Such great kids

Candy Candy candy

Marcus slipped up this step and he turns around to us right away and says, "I'm ok!" Such a tough football player!

Run Bumble Bee Run!

Cami's Grandparents live in our neighborhood so we stopped by to pick up Cami. Denise had a special bag of treats for Brooklyn when she arrived, so sweet!

Cami opening the door

So excited to see each other

We finally made it back home. Brooklyn's hat and antenna's were off by then and we had had the prefect amount of trick or treating. Cami the little lady bug was still going strong!

Ok they are both done

All done and a big smile!


Tori said...

CUTENESS! You made her outfit! Wow girl...love the bee & lion! Enjoy that candy! Miss you!

Jamie said...

your lion and bee are so cute. bumble bee costumes are so cute and brooklyns was so adorable. you made it so good! i love your funky junk finds. the table is so sweet! good find!

Phil and Bri said...

Brooklyn's costume is perfect...those wings are adorable!

zkgormley said...

Loved seeing the pics of the kids. But I have to ask where is the momma bumble bee?!