Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pioneer Woman Mac-N-Chesse Craziness

Brooklyn helping me paint the fall porch decorations!

Brooklyn and our next door neighbor Ryan
with their bubble blowers. They run around for hours and play with these things.

Fall is here and in the air. The sun is setting early in the evening to clear, crisp cold nights. I just love fall days and nights. The kids get bundled up and play outside and then when mom calls them in for the evening we take walks in the dark night sky with our family. What a wonderful time of year.

We are still able to take bike rides, which Brooklyn loves, we better get them in now because winter is fast approaching.
Trenton boy with his bloody noses. The doctor gave us a few things to do to help and they have. His blood work came back good so no worries!

Brooklyn loves her goggles, this is at 7am waiting for breakfast. Don't know how she got that pacifier down stairs as they have been sentenced to the bed only these days.

Tori was in town and came and spent the night with us. We had lots of fun and LOVE having Tori in Washington! Go Huskers!!!

I was trying to get ready so the kids were lounging on the bed just had to laugh at this one cause the TV was on and they were in a different world.

Golfing and blowing bubbles.

So sweet!

Ok so you may be wondering what this pic is all about...Bri, Tammy, and Karen brought me this cook book signed by the pioneer woman on the day I delivered Trenton. I was suppose to go with them to the book signing but Trenton decided to come a week early. Needless to say I have not cooked one recipe out of it since that time. I have had a lot of her things because my friends are great cooks and love her recipes. The cook book has been sitting on my cook book holder for over 5 months now so Nate took it upon himself to check it out. He has made the pancakes, Marlboro Man's Steak sandwich, and now the mac-n-cheese. All very good by the way. But this story is about the mac-n-cheese....

Nate went to the store and bought all the ingredients to make the homemade mac-n-cheese. I came home from volleyball practice and Brooklyn and Nate were busy at work cooking. Nate had mixed all the ingredients together that were listed on the recipe. Brooklyn was busy with her noodles and salt and pepper. I look over at Nate and he says to me, "I didn't read the directions first." Ok I was thinking, what does that mean? He said I didn't cook the macaroni first. We both start dieing laughing. He tried to pick it all out to see if he could salvage it but no it was long gone. So thanks to living in town, good thing we don't live out in the country like the Pioneer Woman, Nate went back to the store determined to conquer the mac n cheese. He did and it came out wonderful!

Cooking with Dad

Much better

Yum! Yum! Trenton wanted some, I know it! and yes that is hot sauce in the picture Nate doesn't eat anything without hot sauce.

I added this picture because since Brooklyn could eat food I have tried and tried to get her to eat noodles. I have tried every sauce, butter, cheese, etc and nope not having it. Now that she is two I am no longer willing to except that she can have a different meal then us at least on most occasions, so there she sat with a bowl of mac n cheese in front of her. Starring, Starring, Starring at that bowl with a look of utter confusion. With a little discussion and a mandatory lick of the noodle she proceeded to put it in her mouth and eat it, HOORAY she likes noodles, at least for the night...

...And a kiss goodnight


Phil and Bri said...

I loved this whole post!!!! Your commentary and all of the pictures. Can't wait to try that mac n cheese too! Can't wait to see all your pics from the party too! ;)

Tori said...

Jordy - you need to send me the pic of me and hair is sweet awesome (bed head). Love the mac-n-cheese story! :) And all the pictures are cute!