Monday, October 4, 2010

Hailey Ruth & Tessa Rae and all the fun we had...

Lacey, Anthon , Hailey and Tess Tess came to visit in Septemeber. It was a week full of fun. We celebrated Tessa's b-day by giving her a pink, pink, and more pink b-day party. Bri and I, and many others, contibuted to the awesome madness, thank you to all who helped! I did not get one single picture of the party, go figure. I will have to get some from you Bri. Happy B-day sweet little Tessa. You are a sweet, funny, and energetic little joy.
Hailey and Brooklyn hanging out in bed, so cozy

Bath Time! Love the hair Hailey.

To the fair we went...Brooklyn loved I mean LOVED all the rides. Papa and Brooklyn going down the big slide!!!

Brooklyn riding the race car

Brooklyn flying the helocopter, one of her favs.

Uncle Frank and Trenton boy

Just had to....SMILE

....and more rides

Hailey riding the cars!!

Lacey and all the girls in sillyville. We got the kids out of the house and headed down for opening hour of the fair. They do a cattle drive (running of the bulls) through town before the fair opening. We missed that but got into the fair before it got crazy.

Brooklyn, Hailey, Jorden, Lacey and tessa, to much fun

I love this picture because this is what we first saw when we walked into the fair. The girls were in awe on the lights, sounds, and things moving up and down.


Phil and Bri said...

Jorden, your blog is sooooo cute!! Way to go!! I love the white pumpkins too! These pictures are GREAT!!

The Parsons' blog said...

SO cute. Oh man, Brooklyn in the helicopter almost did me in. She is hilarious!! Trenton is getting huge!! I need to see those kids. It was so great seeing you and Nate the other weekend. I wish we could do it more often. You're welcome to come to F.H. any time! That's your invite. ;):)