Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Trenton's First Haircut

Nate and Kellen went to the Barber Shop to get their usual haircut, so we thought we would take Trent along for the ride to get a haircut of his own. His hair doesn't look so bad in this before picture but his hair was long and curly and just about every stranger that we came across called him a girl, so I knew it was time to let go of the baby look and get a big boy hair cut.

EJ did a great job and Trent held fairly still for her. Kellen and Trent getting spiffed up!
Snip Snip
Brooklyn enjoyed watching and telling Trent,"it's ok!"
Holding so still
Way to go Trent!
All three looking handsome!


zkgormley said...

I love that Trent went to get his haircut with dad. How sweet!
I thought of you when I was reading the latest book. You should probably read the series again...maybe this summer @ the lake :)
I miss your family. xo

Phil and Bri said...

oh my word, this is the cutest. I love that the whole family was there and that Trent did so wonderfully!!