Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bippity, Boopity, Boo

Our first trip to Disneyland... I did not know what to expect with the kids but they LOVED it. We will start from the beginning. Auntie Lacey bought Brooklyn a Tinker Bell outfit and Trenton his first Mickey Shirt. With their great outfits we packed the kids into the car and headed to Disney Land...

Trent on the trolley ride into the park...he was very excited. It was his actual 1st b-day, April, 17. I must not forget his mouse ears in his hand, which he actually wore for a while.

Tessa, Trent and Brooklyn so much fun!

Going into the park, a little bath room stop first. Trent and his mouse ears, to cute
Trent getting a little love from Tessa
Brooklyn getting her picture in her tink outfit at the entrance
Family picture. Brooklyn kept covering her eyes saying its so bright, lol, we are such moles here in Washington.
Haley waiting patiently and she sang us songs
As we entered the park, goofy, chip, and dale, with others were giving a performance. They hopped into their fire engine and we snapped a quick pic before they shooed people away
Brooklyn loves Disneyland she talks about it everyday and it has been weeks since we have been there. She was soooo excited
Brooklyn checking out the seven dwarfs
Funniest picture, Tessa walked straight up to the witch(who does not smile and talks kind of mean) looked her straight in the eyes and just gave her the stare down
Peter Pan was so cute, when he saw Brooklyn he hugged her and said O tink you are so hard to catch, I am soooo happy to see you. Brooklyn loved all the characters
Trent just studied him hard
Love the horsey rides. Lacey and Haley!
Anthon and Tessa!
Trent and I! So cool they let him ride
Hailey's hair blowing in the wind
Trent had some kisses for Dad
They loved watching the teapots go round and round
Nate, Brooklyn, Anthon, Lacey, Hailey and Tessa went on the teacups. This is my favorite ride. At night when the lanterns are lit it is magical
Its a small world after all...don't get the song stuck in your head. Lacey and Tess enjoying the ride
Trent loved this ride, he was in awe!
We finally got all of us in one picture. Happy #1 b-day Trent!
Trent loving the fire engine.
Goofy and Brooklyn

Disneyland, what a cool place
Riding the roller coaster. Brooklyn and Hailey loved it, they did great cause it was fast
Nate and Brooklyn flying high above disneyland
And he finally crashed. So sweet. What a wonderful trip to Disneyland we had. Thank you Lacey and Anthon it was a very memorable trip!


Phil and Bri said...

I love that your kids loved Disney soooooo much! The picture of Brooklyn and Peter Pan is precious!! What a great trip!

Karla said...

Love, love love everything about this post! Brooklyn in her Tink outfit=priceless