Monday, May 16, 2011

Easter-Death could not hold Him down!

I love the message of Easter. We are always looking for a big story and what a big story Easter shares of Christ death and resurrection. He died the death of the most wicked of criminals, yet no fault was found in Him. But there He hung for our sins, yet the grave could not hold him down...the tomb was empty and in all Christ's glory he was raised only to one day return to bring us home with Him. What victory we have in Jesus, our Savior Forever!!!

Brooklyn in her Easter dress at Church.
Brooklyn and I at my parents where we celebrated and had a great meal.
The girls playing after church!
Family pic!
The hunt is on...we need our cousins not quite the same when your hunting by yourself
Trent admiring his finds
Trent doing what he does best, smiling with a twinkle of mischief in his eye

This used to be my brothers Davey Crocket hat, he put it on Trent, pretty funny
Go Brooklyn GO!

Brooklyn and Logan. Logan helping Brooklyn enjoy her finds, can you say Sugar High!!!
Brooklyn petting the donkey
Trenton can't walk but he knows how to use the remote
Aaron let Brooklyn ride Red the Horse. Brooklyn picked up a chicken, saw buffalo's, dogs, kittens and more how much fun the farm is! Thanks Aaron and Katie!
Happy Easter!


zkgormley said...

Great message Jorden!
I loved seeing your family's Easter picture. The kids are just super cute. Glad you had a great day. Miss ya!

The Smith's said...

I didn't know you had a blog ... fun! Thank you so much for your comment today ... it's always nice to know someone else has had a similar experience! I hope you're right about Laney coming the next couple of days, we are so ready!

Tori said...

Loving the pictures Jordy! And I recognize the purple outfit B is wearing from that store in RedMond last year when I was visiting. Had kind of a wierd name, but CUTE clothes! Christ has risen from the dead! HOW AWESOME! The grave did not win. Hell & death have been defeated! LOVE IT! Miss you friend!