Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trenton's First Birthday

This picture is out of order but three cheers to Mickey anyways!

We went down to Cali to see the Brueggeman's and had a magical time. We visited the happiest place on earth, Disney Land! Lacey decorated all things Mickey for Trent's first b-day it was AWESOME!!! So to the little guy that can't help but make you smile, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRENT!!! We love you TONS.

Lacey made the Mickey Carmel Apples. Not only were the adorable they tasted amazing!

The Birthday boy and his Mickey Ears! He had a Mickey shirt Lacey bought him, he wore it to Disneyland earlier in the day and trent and the shirt needed a bath at the end of the day. So for this picture his Mickey Ears will have to do.
The kids enjoying the treats. I think the girls liked the b-day party more than Trent. They sang him happy birthday and happily fed him dessert.
Aunty Lou playing with Trent. I don't know what Trent means and don't really care, but Trent to us it means... great smile, great laugh, sweet, cuddler, really fast crawler, growler, strong, bam bam, loves to throw balls, say da da, loves daddy, and the only time he sits still is to watch Nate hit golf balls.
You are loved!
None of the girls had any interest in their first b-day cake, but Trent O Trent, he did....
He actually put the ice cream in his mouth...
O my what is this cold sugary thing!
Then came the cupcake, auntie Lou really did it up. He looked, he grabbed, he smeared over Lacey's face, he threw over the walls and floor.
Daddy tried to clean it up and got smeared also. I don't think Trent cares about being clean. Our attempt to get a picture with Trent.
The girls had a little of everything, cake, cupcake, Mickey carmel apple, and boy were they EXCITED!

Happy Birthday First Birthday Trent!


Phil and Bri said...

This is AWESOME!!! What a fun birthday! Lacie is so cool and creative! We love you Trenty Boy!

zkgormley said...

Oh Trent - he's just too darn cute! I can't believe he's 1 - what a big boy. I love his hair. Can't wait to see you and the fam. sometime soon. Graham needs a big fat squeeze from you :) said...

How fun Jorden!!!! Trent is just so adorable and it looks like everyone had a great time:) Can't wait to hear about Disneyland... that certainly is the happiest place on earth!! xoxo

Jamie said...

so fun! disneyland, family and treats is my kind of party! happy first bday to trent! he is asolutely adorable. i got annie the same mickey ears in pink when she was a baby. yummmm, i am craving candy apples now :)

Tori said...

Love! He's adorable J! What a fun FUN birthday!