Thursday, April 7, 2011

Charlotte's Wedding Shower!

My mom, Aunt Karla, and cousin Logan and I threw a wedding shower for my soon to be sister-in-law, Charlotte. We had a lot of fun doing it for her and all in all in turned out very nice. We are excited to have Charlotte in our family. Wedding Date: June 18th, 2011. Soon to be Haden & Charlotte Gienger. I hope they have a boy(someday no pressure seriously take your time) or the Gienger name from our family will be lost, but the Lord knows best!

Haden stopped by to participate in a game at the shower. Everyone enjoyed it and they did very well answering the questions.
Charlotte and Haden
Charlotte is a family name passed down through their family, are the three Charlotte's
I was pleased with the decorations. This pic doesn't do these branches justice. They had big beautiful white blossoms on them, it was a breath of spring, even though it is not like spring outside. The green peacocks have blue touches on them and sparkle, just can't tell in the pic.

I got these trees at Target $2.50. I sparkled the leave and covered the base in black paper, really cute. Thanks for the help Logan!

me and my helpers
My Grandma always took a picture with all the women in the family like this so we are continuing the tradition.
Charlotte and her bridesmaids
Congrats Haden and Charlotte!!!


zkgormley said...

You did such a great job with everything. My favorite is the cool sign with their last name. I want one! Did you make that?

Jamie said...

How exciting! I love your shower decor! I met your darling sister Lacy this weekend and sooooo missed seeing you and so did Kim. We love our Washington (+tori) girls! I think Charlotte looks like you and Lacy :)

Wenni Donna said...

The decorations are lovely and the event must’ve been too. My cousin is getting married next week and we too had such a great time for the past few months. We shared some great memories all the while that we planned the wedding. Now I just hope we’ll have a fantastic time on the wedding day at one of the perfect venues in Los Angeles.