Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The posts that where left behind

Many events or fun moments have taken place in the last few month that I just haven't gotten to. So here are a few...
It has been winter cold here in Washington and we have yet to see warmer days with showers on and off. Nope it has just been rainy and freezing. The news said we have had 10 sunny days since October. Guess we are just trying to keep our reputation on gray rainy Washington intact.

Trenton Playing in the dirt.

He was in heaven, he let out the biggest scream when I picked him up to bring him inside. Brooklyn was in the background helping plant the flowers. Girls and boys sooo different
Brooklyn helping me frost cupcakes!
Trent in control of the remote.
Shepherd, Brooklyn and Cami all with their pacifiers, which are suppose to be in Brooklyn's bedroom. We love our church home group.
Happy Birthday Uncle Frank and Nate!
Brooklyn and Trent playing, they think they are pretty funny!
Sibling Love
Hi Camera
Brooklyn making Trent Laugh
Brooklyn letting Trent honk her nose
and put his finger in her mouth
Nate's family was in town from California for his Aunt Pam's funeral.
Great Grandma and Trent, he liked her a lot which is saying a lot since he tends to cry for anyone new.
Uncle Dick leading the way in the singing of hymns. His dear wife, Aunt Pam, passed away last month and with great celebration and a great since of lose he and the family sang praises to Jesus. A very special moment.
.....Next my soon to be sister-in-law wedding shower. Charlotte Ruth Knott (Gienger)


Phil and Bri said...

Love these pics! So fun to see Brooklyn and Trent interacting with each other. should be blogging a lot more now with that new gem of a computer you have now!!;)Can't wait to see the shower pics!

zkgormley said...

I agree with Bri. Post more pics! I can't believe how big your kids are. Love Trent's hair. Very surfer dude :)

Tori said...

Jordy - so great to see pictures! I can't believe Trent will be 1 in a few days! MIssed you a lot this weekend! SO fun to see LAcey! You would have loved the SUNSHINE! Love ya J! Tori