Thursday, December 9, 2010

From So. Cal. to Snow to give Thanks

Lacey and the girls came the Monday before Thanksgiving to have some cousin time. It was non-stop action and lots of fun. All the kids sitting at once, take a picture it doesn't happen often

Craft Time...
Thanksgiving Day at my parents house on the farm. My cousin Lindsay brought all the supplies to make a felt wreath ornament. I will have to take a picture of mine and post it really cute!
(Aunt Karla, Mom, Char Char((Hadens soon to be wife)), Haden and me...Where Lindsay the craft organizer is I do not know)

Lacey reading to Hailey the Turkey and Tessa

My Aunt Karla and Lindsay made these cute light up corns with tissue paper and an old plastic water bottle, to Cute!

Lacey is hooked on puzzles so we went and bought one. The whole time she was like this puzzle is going to be to easy, the pieces are to big. It was not easy at all. but we conquered it! Funny story... Thanksgiving night Toys R Us started their black Friday sale at 10pm. Lacey was like lets go check it out. I was being a party poop er but she got me out of the house. As we are driving to the store there is this line of people going over the freeway over pass, down the back of the stores, around the side of Toys R Us and up the front, police cars were present making sure not to many people entered the store at once. CRAZY, we were laughing, go check it out if you want to wait in line for 3 hours just to get into the store. never shopped black friday and probably never will.

The Puzzle

Brooklyn laughing sooooo hard at Hailey

Resting on the couch with Trent. Hailey loves Trent and brings him lots of toys

Tessa loves the big bear. She is so cute and a little cuddle bug

Bri and Tammy braved the snowy roads and came and made cookies with us. Lacey and I made 4 different kinds of cookies so Bri, Tammy and Brooklyn frosted them for us.

Cinderella's cleaning the window they got dirty, the loved cleaning it!


One of our Longest and dearest childhood friends Destiny had us over to play. Their mom Tina found this horse, we had one just like it as kids, Brooklyn is in love with it!

Our moms made us take a picture every year just like this when we were little and big. There was 7 of them and 4 of us. They would line us up oldest to youngest; so while we couldn't manage oldest to youngest at least we got a picture minus Trent. Brooklyn (2yrs 4mths),Tessa (1 yr 3 mths)Hailey (2yrs 3mths), Isabel (1month), Sofia(2yrs, 1mth)

Hailey loves babies. Hailey and Isabel

Nate helping the girls do their own puzzle, since they wanted to get their little fingers on ours


The Parsons' blog said...

So fun your sister got to visit. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the photos of all the kids. Look at all those babies. Oh man, it kills me. So cute.

zkgormley said...

I love puzzles. My g-ma and I put one together every year. Merry Christmas to you my friend. Looking forward to catching up soon.

Jamie said...

Merry Christmas Jordan! I just got your precious Christmas card and it made me soooo HAPPY! I just had to tell you that! I hope you guys are having so much fun this Holiday season! Love you, Jam said...

Looks like such a fun Thanksgiving day!! Love seeing all the babies together, I just want to squeeze them all. So sad that when you were down I didn't get to be around the babies as much as I would've liked:( I miss them already! Love you guys bunches! Ps, the snow is so awesome!!