Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fa La La La La La La La La!

I don't even know where to begin since my last post was in Nov. So I guess this will be the world's longest post.
We will start with the decorating of the Christmas tree. Brooklyn was mommies little helper!

We opened gifts with the kids before we left for California to spend Christmas with Nate's family. We got Brooklyn a tool set, yes she likes it and a Dora backpack, she LOVES it.

She wore it to the airport, the whole plane ride, to Grandma's house and longer. She never took it off. Not the whole day. Waiting in line to get on the plane, such a big girl!

Don't let this cute little picture fool you. Trent did not like the plane. We have taken many airplane rides with him and never a problem, but this time, O this time, was not pleasant. Yes my kid was THAT kid on the plane.

At the Grandparents house....Praise the Lord! Kisses from Grandpa. Yes, even after the plane ride, he is as sweet as pie!

The cousins first look at each other for the trip. We had a big get together at Uncle Richard and Aunt Vicki's house with lots and lots of family. It was a blast.

Grandpa holding Blarie and Trenton.

Brooklyn got to sit with the little/big kids at their table. She thought she was pretty cool.

Hiding under the desk. Say Cheese!

Funny Face!

Brooklyn and Blake, so much love


After dinner and back at Grandparents house. Pj's and ready for bed.

Before Christmas Eve service at church we got a few pics.

They both liked the pretty tree!

Trenton (8months) Brooklyn (2 1/2 almost)

Family picture, impossible.

Love this girl!

Relaxing with Daddy

Brooklyyn got a little rug burn and was sure to show every one!

Christmas morning Brooklyn, Blair, Blake, and Trenton in their Chrismas jammies. Thanks Grandma!


Checking out Auntie Ashley's dog Dallas.

Brooklyn and Blake ready to open gifts.This was the first year Brooklyn understands that it is Jesus' birthday and she always reminds me of it.

Playing with the Chrismas gifts.

Hot Wheels from Grandpa and Grandma

Trenton loved Dallas and Dallas was very good with Trenton

So curious

Bath time

Grandma taking the kids for a ride

Happy Birthday Jesus!


Phil and Bri said...

Love your new blog decor!! And this was such a fun post. :) Brooklyn's smile under the desk is gorgeous! Love that little girl! Matching PJ's were adorable too!

zkgormley said...
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zkgormley said...

I was wondering when I would get to read about you and your family! I've missed you guys. Looking forward to catching up someday soon. xoxo

The Parsons' blog said...

Oh man, so fun!!! Bummer Trent didn't like the plane ride... that makes for a looooooooong ride. :) I can't get over how big Brooklyn is getting and Ava would be proud that she loves her Dora back pack!! :) Miss you.