Friday, December 3, 2010

First Snowfall & The Amazing Race

Bri and Trenton with
his new winter hat!

The beginning of our 1st Snow of the Season

This is how much she loves her picture taken

The snow continues to fall...Ryan (next door neighbor)and Brooklyn

And more snow....

And more!!!!

I am coaching basketball at Rogers High School with Bri, Amy, and Jessie. Amy put together a version of The Amazing Race for the Varsity girls; one stop of the race was at my house. They had to put together a tutu, hair clip, and decorate a shirt for Brooklyn to wear to the games. The team who arrived 2nd at my house left first. And the 3rd place team(3 teams total) at my house finished 1st!!! Brooklyn loved helping me get ready for "The Girls" to come over. Once they left she had a little fun in the puff paints.

One of the shirts that the girls made

Working hard and fast to get their next clue!


Phil and Bri said...

Jorden your blog looks so cute! I love Brooklyn's all black outfit with her coat!!

The Parsons' blog said...

oh my goodness, that shirt is hilarious. Oh brooklyn, not wanting her picture taken... bring her to me, I'll show her my magical camera with Dora inside ;)

Jamie said...

i love it!! the whole post! i agree with bri and i love that your kids call your parents papa and gigi! just like my parents! thank you for praying for daisy. i love that brooklyn loves her too. xo

zkgormley said...

Thanks for thinking of us! I will be giving you a call soon. I hope bball is going well. I'd love to be in the gym soon - ready for some exercise! said...

What a great idea to do with the team Jordy!! I absolutely love Brooklyn in that coat and shoes... She's just such a doll!!