Monday, November 29, 2010

A visit from Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa Whittington came to visit us and as usual we had tons of fun!
Brooklyn and Grandma sitting together. Brooklyn is thrilled to have her picture taken these days, not really.

So fun!!!

A very tired Trent

Grandpa Throwing Brooklyn in the air. They brought her this fairy outfit and she loves it!

Brooklyn giving Trenton a ride

And another ride

Karen and Brooklyn reading some books, I tried to join them and Brooklyn turned her body away from me towards Karen. I have been replaced.

Trent has never liked the bouncer, Brooklyn loved it. he just rolls over and scoots his way out

Still a messy eater!


Tori said...

CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! I love Brooklyn giving Trenton a ride! How fun! Wish I was sitting on the other side of Brooklyn with Karen! :) Miss you!

The Parsons' blog said...

Oh jord, I wish I lived close. Your kids are so CUTE! I love them. Glad they could enjoy the grandparents. xo

Joe, Erin, Drew, and Drake said...

Hey Jordy,
I love your cuties!!!! She will snap out of the picture thing no worries!! They are so beautiful! And tell Janet she looks so pretty...miss you friend.