Thursday, May 28, 2009

Very Busy Weekend-Part II-Jackie's Wedding!

The Shively's have been long time family friends of ours since I can remember. I am pretty sure Brandy and Jackie were my first friends! Jackie got married this weekend to a guy I don't know but have heard from good sources that he is a keeper. We are thrilled for Jackie! The wedding was very nice and Jackie looked AMAZING. Her dress was BEAUTIFUL and the girl in the dress even more BEAUTIFUL! This picture is of Brandy and her little girl Bella. What a sweet picture.
Me, Jackie, and Lacey. We love you Jackie!
I love this picture. It captures Jackie just perfectly. SHe has everything going, totally in charge, and so beautiful doing it! For those who know her we aren't surprised, She could probably run the world, she did an awesome job.

Jorden, Jackie, Brandy, and Lacey.

THis is also one of my favorite pictures. So BEAUTIFUL!!!


The Parsons' blog said...

Beautiful pictures! I LOVE her dress, my favorite is the little sleeves/shawl she has on in one of the pics. I was so looking for something like that for my wedding dress. I guess I was looking a few years too early ;)

Phil and Bri Seston said...

Jordy, I am in love with navy blue right now! Therefore, I love your dress! :) Gorgeous as usual!!

Chris Kim Kinsley Cooper said...

Jordy, I am with the girls, you look beautiful, but that doesn't surprise me you always do! Love you!