Thursday, May 7, 2009

My O my do we have great friends!

Bri, Phil, and Jax's came over to watch some playoff basketball. Brooklyn giving Bri loves!!!
Brooklyn and Jax. Too cute!!!

Brooklyn helping Dad at work!

Tammy, Tori, Karen and Brooklyn. Brooklyn LOVES hanging out with the girls!

Karen and Brooklyn playing Peek-A-Boo!


The Parsons' blog said...

I love these pictures Jorden. It makes me wish I lived close to all of you so I could just stop by and hang with your cute family. I love all you girls. Oh, and that dog!!! Seriously, that is probably one of the cutest dogs I've seen! Brooklyn is a blessed little lady to have you and Nate as parents and some great "aunties" to play with ;)

ps- I ended up getting sick and am now better, but still pray for's non stop sad. :( She's definitely not herself.

Phil and Bri Seston said...

I love me some "Brooklyn Love!" And her contagious laugh and squeal! :) I love the picture of her and Jax, he looks so happy to be at the Whittington house!

jorden9879 said...

So sorry you got sick, yuck. I will be praying for little Ava. It is so hard to be sick when you are so little. Makes me sad. We wished you lived closer also. I would love for Brooklyn to have wonderful friends like Ava, Stella and Jonah. We can dream right. One of these times I will have to bring Brooklyn with me to the island to meet her friends.

jorden9879 said...

I was hoping I spelled Jax's name right! Brooklyn loves you guys and Jax.

James, Reese, Lauren, Maddie said...

Seriously... she is so cute... just love that smile!!!

Tori said...

My hand is HUGE in that one picture of KG playing peek-a-boo! Love the pic of her and Jax!!! She is such a fun-loving kid J! Love coming to your house! It's been a blessing! Red Robin 09! Glad we grilled that night though! :)

Chris Kim Kinsley Cooper said...

Jordy, I loved talking with you last night! We definitely need to do that more often!! What a precious, dear friend you are.
Oh and I think I saw on Caitlins blog that Lacey and Anthon's dog name is Cooper. I honestly think there are more dogs named that than children. My poor son! :) No, I think it is hilarious. Tell Bri and Phil we said hello!