Friday, February 27, 2009

Rub-a-Dub-Dub Three Little Ladies in a Tub

We got to baby sit our friend Anna the other night. Anna is almost 2 and Brooklyn is in awe of all the things she can do. Brooklyn kicks her feet and smiles as she watches Anna move around. Anna, Brooklyn and Hailey took a bath and none of them wanted to get out.

Brooklyn LOVES bath time. It is the perfect night time activity before bed. I think she would loose it without it!

Uncle Nate watched Hailey and Brooklyn one Saturday while Anthon, Lacey and I went and worked out. Usually Nate goes but his back has been soar. Nate loves watching them. He video tapes them the whole time, really funny.

Anna loves the pink bike! Her feet don't quite reach the pedals but we push her around and she is perfectly content. She looks pretty cute on it!

Brooklyn and her teddy bear that her friend Jessie Westering gave her. The bear is bigger than Brooklyn but she doesn't mind at all, she eats it and hugs it.


The Parsons' blog said...

Love it, love it, love it. Such a cute post with 3 little cuties. Brooklyn is such a happy baby, I love how she smiles for you and the camera! Ava won't look at me when I have mine. She the first child to do's just a sign of what is to come with her ;)

Jamie said...

Jordan the girls are darling taking a bath together! I may have told you this before but I just love it that you and Lacey can be Mom's at the same time. Both of you get to experience the JOYS of being Moms and fun Aunts at the same time. I just love that about sisters! You guys have such a close family and it reminds me of mine.

I think I am going to be making those party hats soon and (if I do) I can't wiat to show you them. I will post on my blog.

Tori said...

Brooklyn smiles sooooo much and I LOVE IT! Cute pics!!!