Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bar Stools

This post is just for Sara!
This is the one from Pottery Barn
This is the one from the shop in Tacoma it is called Calla Lily's.


The Parsons' said...

Thanks Jorden! It's the one from the store in Tacoma that I love...yep, I love it. I'll show Sean tonight ;)

The Parsons' said...

Thanks for emailing the link too Jorden! That looks like such a cute store! But this is what Sean told me - "the first thing we're buying is a new mattress" So I guess the stools will have to wait. Who wants to buy new mattresses though?! NOT me.

jorden9879 said...

I have a few of those items I would rather purchase something fun but a mattress is pretty important. I am sure they will still be there when you are ready. Or mabye you'll even find something better. Sometimes that happens when you have to wait. Just trying to look on the bright side of things, haha!