Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love is patient, love is kind

We went to Chambers Bay(golf course, site of of the 2015 U.S. Open) for lunch with my mom, dad, Anthon, Lacey and Hailey and had lunch. It was a beautiful day. The course over looks the water, it is beautiful. After lunch we went to the golf range and hit some balls.

Hailey in her heart Pj's on Valentines day! What a sweetheart!
Friday night Nate, Brooklyn and I went to one of our most favorite restaurants, Sorci's. They had a special Valentine's dinner and music. Brooklyn and I even got to dance a little. It is a little Italian restaurant we love taking Brooklyn to. They all know her there and don't mind her countinous chatting, so it is our eating out spot for now, not to mention the food and atmosphere is awesome so it is all around the BEST.

Mommy and Brooklyn at Sorci's
Dad and Brooklyn at Sorci's!!!


The Parsons' said...

That sounds like such a fun day/night! I loved that you danced with Brooklyn and the restaurant sounds so neat. I love cute little places like that. OH and Jorden, Brooklyn just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

Jamie said...

Italian food with family is the best(It's my favorite meal)! We must be long lost sisters Jordan and I don't have a sister so I would happily be yours. I used to think the whole blogging world was a bit strange too but now I love it! I think you are a great blogger for being so new to it. I have to tell you that I love your house from what I have seen of it so far and I have always loved your style in fashion. Since college and you still look amazing (so beautiful)! I think are love for fashion and design is what makes me want to come over and chat with you and gain some of your ideas. For now I will settle for reading your blog!! Love ya, Jamie
p.s. I will have to put pics up of my place (built by my dad) for you, hopefully soon!

jorden9879 said...

Jamie - I can't wait to see pictures of your place. I would love to sit on the porch by the ocean with you and chat about style, design and lots more. It really is fun. It is also fun how my own taste changes year to year. To bad I don't have unlimited resources to change things yearly!!! Probably a good thing, don't want to consume my mind on earthly things. ANyhow I would be thrilled to have you as a sister!!! I have two, but the more the better.

The Parsons' said...

Jorden, we watched Gone Baby Gone...depressing movie, not my idea of a good Valentines flick! Hey so Sean just said to me, "we need to get some new bar stools" (the ones we have now were cheap "temporary" ones from IKEA)...anyway I told him I wanted some similar to yours. Where did you get yours?? And then thinking of furniture in your house I was remembering how I busted your bench (SO SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!) and I hope Nate was able to nail it back together. I'm too fat, diet started today ;) HA! No but really, sorry my big bottom messed it up. Hopefully it isn't beyond repair.

jorden9879 said...

Not funny, the bench is totally fine. Easy fix. I have two different bar stools one kind is from pottery barn and the other I got at a little shop in Tacoma. I will put a picture on my blog you can tell me what ones you liked.