Monday, August 1, 2011

Annual Gormley Cabin 4th of July

The Gormley's once again where gracious enough to invite our growing family to their cabin for the 4th. It is one of our families favorite weekends of the summer.

Let Freedom Ring...

Our favorite ice cream and french fry joint
The kiddos
Brooklyn loves Auntie Karen
Zach and Nate were thrilled to take this pic, lol
A stop to get ice cream and fry's before the Chelan firework show
Jessie, me , Karen, Kim, and Tammy

Sorry Karen but everyone must experience your craziness of the night
Corey was expecting Nate and Zach and got us girls. He was a trooper
Max giving Trenton a ride
Ok you must know that we ran up and down the hills of Chelan before Kim lead us in some more exercises, can you say killer

Graham and Trent
Trent cut the sharing of the bath short with his splashes, sorry Graham. They are pretty cute though
Going to check out the fish the neighbor girls caught
I love this picture of Karen. God Bless America!
Another stellar pic of the parents enjoying the boat ride
Zach, our boat driver, sharing his patriotism for all to see
Brooklyn was sound asleep in bed, so we thought, till she came wandering down stairs at 10:30 at night.
Dale showing Brooklyn how to use the binoculars
Tammy, Kim, Jess, and I taking a ride in the Tam bug, my 2 year old niece named it that.
Brooklyn my little sugar queen
Trent lOVES water
She says, "THis is the best day ever!"
Kim and Tam enjoying the game of paddle ball
Nate throwing a touchdown to Zach!

Roasting mallows while watching the Manson firework show, it was an awesome show


Phil and Bri said...

Too much fun!!!!!!!!

Kim @ The Gab said...

This brings back awesome memories! I'm so glad that we get to celebrate such great times with you and your family.
See you soon sista!