Sunday, July 17, 2011

To the Lake!

We took a trip in June to Nate's parents house. As always it was filled with fun!

Brooklyn and Trenton watching the planes in Seattle.

We were able to bring Trent's car seat on, Praise the Lord, he slept.
Trent and Nate out on the boat
Love the boat rides
The lake is beautiful, full of God's creatures. Brooklyn and Grandma checking out the deer and her two babies.

Golf cart rides with Grandma and Grandpa
The guys went golfing a few times so Janet and I would take the kids on a golf cart ride to the golf course to watch them for a couple of holes
The water park

Sweet baby Blaire

Horse rides from Uncle Toddy
The pavement is warm!
Run, Run, Run
Trent getting kisses from Grandma
Brooklyn sharing her Popsicle with Trent

At the golf course
Early morning golf round

Blake and Brooklyn love popsicles

Splashing in the pool, hours of fun
They were whispering a full on conversation to each other, so cute
Blaire and Trenton boy
Blake and Trent loved the slip-n-slide

Our friend Molly came up with her kids to play. It was so GREAT to see her. Addison is tons of fun, they slid down a hill on their bottoms till they were all scrapped up.
Brooklyn joined Grandpa in some Pilate's workout.
A family tube ride so fun until the rope snapped. From that point on Brooklyn was terrified of it.
Blake and Brooklyn had a jumping session
Trent played hard and was ready for bed
Brooklyn and I love the puff's
Thanks for a great trip Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Toddy, Auntie Laurel, Auntie Ashley, Tom, Blake and Blaire!!!


Tori said...

OH MY WORD! THat last picture of Trent is awesome! Love the hair! We are definitely going to get along! :) Glad you got to see Molly & ADdy girl! What a fun trip! See you SOON!

Kim @ The Gab said...

You sure had a blast by the look of your pictures. I love Trent's hair - bummer that it had to be cut off.
It was so fun to post pictures of our weekend and all the fun stuff we did. Thanks for being such a great sport and doing my lawn workouts with me :) I miss my workout partner! See you soon.