Monday, June 20, 2011

To Eagle Idaho we go!

We took the 8 plus hour car ride to go visit our cousins in Idaho. They live in a super cute little town called Eagle, Boise is really close and a really fun city. Thanks for all the fun Downie's!

The yogurt shop, YUM!
We went to the zoo
Brooklyn trying to climb the tree with the big boys, she did pretty good!

Devon turned 7 while we were visiting, happy birthday sweet boy
Loving the snake
Trent was totally captivated by the swinging monkey's

more fun at the zoo

Don't call the cops on us, brought back childhood memories of packing in the car, no seat belts, (I am not saying don't wear seat belts) and going places with friends
The coolest Candy Shop ever
Brooklyn and Lauren watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory in the candy store

Load your basket up!
The cigarette gum, remember these??? My Grandma used to get them for us. O the memories
One huge jaw breaker and gummy bear

Lauren is 2 1/2 and rides this scooter like a professional

Devon got a new bike for his b-day. His eyes lit up like a Christmas Tree when he saw it.

My sister Rachelle has always had a love for animals, between her guinea pigs and Lacey's rats growing up I have not been able to muster up enough love for these rodents but Brooklyn loved it.


JJ Dahl said...

Oh... I remember the cigarette candy. My cousins and I used to get them too. But if I watched some parent buy if for their kids now days... Hypocritical much? ha ha Didn't work on hooking me too well, since I have never actually smoked a day in my life. LOL I can't believe they are still being sold.

Tori said...

Jordy - so glad you got to go to Eagle, Idaho. Sounds like a sweeeet place! What fun! I love the picture of Trent in his helmet! And Brooklyn needs a pet! :) Love you! T