Thursday, February 24, 2011

One Colorful Room!

After 5 years of praying and many many fertility visits God granted us a little girl, Brooklyn Kay. My dear friend Tammy found this sign when I first got pregnant with Brooklyn, she bought a boy one and a girl one, since we didn't find out the sex of the baby. We had my baby shower after Brooklyn was born and she surprised me with this very fitting sign...This is Brooklyn's room which many people have poured love into.

The bed I found ($20) while at a garage sale with Bri and Kim. It was ugly wood, but well made. Bri started painting it for Brooklyn, then she got pregnant so her dad Bill finished it for us. I love it and it looks so cute in her room. Now if I could just paint the walls, someday.

Nate's grandmother is a master quilter and has taught me some of her skills. She patiently taught me as we made this quilt together for Brooklyn. I think it is PERFECT and love all the colors, I love color!

Bri painted and gave this adorable chair to Brooklyn for her 2nd birthday, fits perfect!

You can't see the chandelier very well but got it at Funky Junk and it looks great in the room!

Big cozy chair that one day I will have recovered in some wonderful fabric! but the blue works quite well for now.

The little girl we sewed onto the quilt, so darling. Nate's grandma made a wall hanging to match which I plan to get a great chunky white frame to put around it someday. Keeping my eyes out..

Brooklyn loves her room. I want to make a bed skirt for the bed too. Lots of work to do, better get started one of these days

She loves her room!


Jamie said...

jordan, praise the lord for brooklyn! i just love every detail of her pretty room! i can't believe you made her quilt. it is so pretty! i love that the little girl on her quilt looks like her too. bri is such a good auntie! thanks for showing us her room! i just love home tours!

Phil and Bri said...

Brooklyn's room is an inspiration! So sweet and darling and child-like. I love that last picture of her on her bed with her owl too. Love that girl, lots and lots! Keep writing about that dear little one! Will be fun to look back in a few years and remember how much she is growing!

JJ Dahl said...

That bed turned out beautiful. Love her new "big girl" room!

The Parsons' blog said...

ADORABLE!!! Love it all, Jordy. You're a rock star decorator. Love ya!

zkgormley said...

Her room turned out so cute. I'm so glad I can say I was with you girls when you found that bed. I'm game for more crazy yard sale hunting! Miss you.