Tuesday, February 15, 2011

January Randomness

Brooklyn likes to copy Trent and sit in a bouncer and chew on stuffed animals. The dolly she has was made by her Great Grandma.

Brooklyn loves to swim and wear swimming goggles. Our bath tub serves as her swimming

They love taking baths together

Cheese!!!!!!!!! Jam face!

Trenton's baby dedication at church.

Taking a bath in the sink together. We were giving Trent a bath in the laundry room sink and Brooklyn wanted to join him, they had a blast

Trent loves balls

Brooklyn loves to help feed Trent and no matter what it is he will open his mouth for her. She is probably the only one who can get him to eat peas.

Our basketball team hosted an australian team and one of their mothers stayed with us. Jan was such a blast and the kids loved her. We learned a lot about life in Australia and made a great friend.

Making a tent!

Playing with his stuffed animals

Brooklyn likes Trent to play with her so she had us cover them both in pillows

Going outside to brave the cold

Brooklyn taking care of Trent

Lots of love


zkgormley said...

I love your January Randomness! So fun to see the pictures of your sweet kids. Brooklyn is a great big sister!

Jamie said...

they're getting so big jordan! annie just got dedicated at church too :)
hey, kristin wilder-harvey has a friend from Master's who was roomates with Ashley whittington and she is trying to get back in touch with her. if that's ok can you email or send me a blog comment with her contact info. jamgodsgirl@yahoo.com

love ya!! miss you!