Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mothers Day and more!

Charolette (Haden's girlfriends mom) brought these doughnuts, the one missing I ate before dinner. YUM!

Brooklyn loves her Brother

Bri and Trent. Bri stopped by to drop off some pictures. She was just in time to help burp Trent while I put Brooklyn down for a nap. Thanks Bri!!!

Daddy and Trent

Our friend Kathy gave Brooklyn this cute swimsuit and this is what she did with it.

Trent has had a very eventful first three weeks of life to say the least. He has already had a trip in an ambulance, been to Mary Bridge Children's Hospital, had his first IV, first stiches, and lots of shots, not to mention more to come because his newborn screening came back positive for something Brooklyn came back positive for but never really had. So he will have some more tests run, but praying he doesn't have it. This is his really cute Crayola band aid at the spot of his IV. He is a trooper. We Praise the Lord for an amazing Childrens Hospital so close to home. They took such tender care of him.

So Sleepy


Joey, Katie, Judah and Annie said...

i just adored seeing what you've all been up to. you guys are a beautiful family and i wish i was there too, with you and bri hanging out. i love what brooklyn did with her new swimsuit, too cute! you have such a positive outlook on all that's going on with trent and that blesses me. how awesome you are blogging still too, it makes my day! love jamie (sorry i forgot to sign out of my brothers account before i started writing)

jen bennett said...

Jordy... they are so cute. I can't wait to see the kids in person this weekend. And i want a big bite of one of those donuts. YUMMY. See you soon.

zkgormley said...

Brooklyn is just too cute...I can't stand it. See you soon!

Phil and Bri said...

Jorden I loved this post! I want one of those maple donuts! Are they gone?? :) hehe. Trent is just too much, but so is Brooklyn...I could equally spend time with BOTH! I love being able to stop by and see you guys! Trent is a toughie already! said...

Hi my lovely Jorden!! Wow, those doughnuts looked really yummy:) I seriously can't wait to meet Trenton... he looks so sweet. That poor little guy has been through so much... we've been praying for him:)I can't wait to hug and kiss both of those sweet babies of yours!! I bet Brooklyn is being such a wonderful big sister! Love you all and I hope to see you guys really soon! Sending lots of loves your way!

Tori said...

Loved every picture!!!!!!