Monday, June 8, 2009

Preschool Graduation

Devon graduated from preschool this past week. We can hardly believe he is 5. He was the first of all the kids to be born, it seems like not that long ago. Now here he is writing words, singing songs, and graduating preschool. Picture: Cameron, one of Devon's class mates, and Devon. Auntie Jorden and Devon. What a sweet boy!
Devon ready to graduate!

I know I had this as my intro picture but it didn't fit to well. My Gradma used to put these on us and call us Grandma pity-poo. I wish she was here to see this picture she would have loved it!

Mmmmmm. I like dirt. And yes she really does. Tasty stuff. At least she is not eating flies off the window ceil like her mommy used to do! Sorry Lacey, had to.


James, Reese, Lauren, Maddie said...

Super fun to Graduate for Kindergarten!!! Love the pics of Brooklyn... what a cutie!!!

The Parsons' blog said...

So cute that you were able to go to his graduation. He's a cutie. I love that picture of Brooklyn...pity-poo, that's funny. Oh and I laughed about your niece liking to eat dirt - funny.

Jamie said...

jord- i love your new picture on the lake, can i go there right now! AND brooklyn looks yummy pointing in her swimsuit and cute yellow sundress. 4th of july is coming and i can't wait!