Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Friends We Saw!

Addison is in the pick shirt, she is the daughter of a friend(Molly) that Nate has known from high school and that we went to college with and whom I played basketball with. Get that??? Anyways like one of our friends said how cool is it that all our kids are meeting each other now! Addison is a doll and was so sweet to Brookln. She would hold her hand in the water, as seen in picture, and give her hugs. The little girl in the blue shirt and the baby next to her are Anna and baby Claire. Nate grew up with their mom(Kim). Kim and Chris moved to Washington a few years back and started attending the same church Nate and I go to. They recently made a job change and moved back to California. We miss them tons but feel so blessed that they moved somewhere where we will be able to visit with them.
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Molly said...

Hey jorden... all the pictures are so cute. Thanks for posting them. It was so fun getting to hang out with you, Nate, and Brooklyn.