Friday, April 10, 2009

Grandma & Grandpa Whittington in town!!!

Brooklyn loves to stand and walk around holding on to things. She comes crashing down when she lets go. But O how fun it is to be standing on feet. Much better than that crawling thing, which she still refuses to do.
Brooklyn LOVED having her Grandma and Grandpa Whittington in town. We had tons of fun. She loved all the attention she got, what a treat!!! Brooklyn loves giving open mouth kisses these days, she had plenty of them for her Grandma.


The Parsons' blog said...

Look at little Brooklyn standing up!! She's getting so BIG! Wow. I can hardly stand it. She'll probably be walking before crawling. Busy times ahead ;) Happy Easter to your family tomorrow!
Love, Sara

Chris Kim Kinsley Cooper said...

Jordy, Brooklyn is just so stinkin cute!! Can't wait till her and Cooper can play together. Maybe get married some day! :) Hope to see you very soon. Oh and meant to write and tell you I am sorry about that jacket I sent you. As I was putting it in the envelope, I noticed that there were a ton of holes under the arms. I didn't notice them when I wrote the card and so I sent it anyway. I have another one, that is dark pink that I will send you so I don't feel so bad about sending you such a rag a muffin jacket before. :) Love you!