Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Put us in Coach...We're ready to play!

Lauren (6weeks), Sophia, Hailey, and Brooklyn (with the runny nose, bad cold), at the basketball game. Our long time friend Destiny's (daughter Sophia) husband is the head girls coach at Bonney Lake High School. We went and watched a game. Brooklyn LOVES watching basketball. Her little head goes back and forth, up and down the court, watching the ball. She will either love to play or be a great manager someday! Go Panthers.


The Parsons' said...

This picture is beyond cute. I love how all the moms are ready to catch them if they fall! Poor Brooklyn with her cold, hope she feels better soon!

Tori said...

Jordy - CUTE picture! I love it! Hopefully one day we can do this with a bunch of our kids at Lake Chelan! "Put us on the Vectors mom!"