Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Drake and Brooklyn...Auntie Karen & Auntie Tori

These are all the pictures that were taken on my camera this past weekend. There will be more to come when the girls send out pictures! Sara, Karen, Tori, Erin, and Drake came to P-Town(Puyallup) to spend the night. We had tons of fun! Brooklyn was in seventh heaven with all the people around, she couldn't get enough of it! Drake was a great little play mate. It was fun to see Drake crawling around and doing things that Brooklyn will be doing at his age in a few short months.
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The Parsons' said...

SO CUTE!!! It was so fun staying with you Jorden. Your house is beautiful and I felt right at home :)I love all you girls! I heard about the vintage tricycle! You have to post pictures of it!!!
Brooklyn is a doll and you and Nate are doing a wonderful job with her. Keep it up!
I'll email those pictures hopefully tomorrow.

Jamie said...

Slumber party with great girls and adorable babies = SOOO FUN! Jordan, such great pictures of Tori and KG with the kids. Looking forward to more pictures of your time together.

Tori said...

I can't handle how cute your collage is! I love it!!! I am so sad my camera is gone with all my pics I had with me and Brooklyn and Drake and all of us. BUT so glad we usually have 4 other cameras around! Thanks for having us last weekend. Every minute was amazing! Love you! The quiche you made was so good! Bummed we forgot to take it when we left!!!!!

Joe, Erin, Drew, and Drake said...

Love the pics Jord!! I am going to put the pics on my computer tonight and I will email you some! I LOVED my time with you all, I wish I could snap my fingers whenever I want to and hang out again! Oh and Sara the tricycle is incredible! Loved our time together, it was so great. Love you!