Monday, December 22, 2008

White Christmas take 2

This video was taken last night. The snow is sooo beautiful but has certainly put a damper on our Christmas plans. We were suppose to fly to California this morning to spend Christmas with the Whittingtons, but our flight was cancelled. I have been trying to call all night and morning to get another flight but can't get through. I e-mailed and they e-mailed me back and told me they would contact me in the next 5 days. WOW! Super 5 days what in the world. We have about 10-12 inches of snow. Last night I put the ruler in and we had a little over 7 and it snowed for many hours after that. So more snow in the forcast for tonight we will see what happens!


DeVries Family said...

How beautiful your house is with the snow and lights. And I got to hear your voice, I miss that voice. Especially on the court. Don't you miss playing? I still do. Love ya lots and Merry Christmas!

Tori said...

Jordy...sorry about your canceled plans! I am thankful I got out of SEattle when I did! Love ya lots! Merry Christmas! :)