Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We finally made it to California. After a cancelled flight and hours on the telephone with the airlines we made it out Christmas Eve night. We had a wonderful time with Nate's family, the highlight certainly getting to meet Blake. Nate got sick Christmas day (really sick) then I got sick the next day, followed by Nate's dad. It was nasty stuff. I have even caught wind that Todd may have gotten it today and Addison had it a couple days ago. Due to the sickness Janet's family did not come down for the weekend. While we missed seeing them, it was still a very nice visit filled with lots of fun movies in the theatre room, relaxation, and one round of golf for Nate. Nothing can keep him away from that!
Christmas with the Whittingtons. This is at a really cool new place called The Fountains (I think). The weather was really nice. Sunny and cool.
Brooklyn and Blake. Yes, Brooklyn is older, by almost 2 months, but Blake has got her in weight and length. We loved getting to meet him. He is a great baby, full of smiles and coo's. We just love them!!!

Brooklyn had lots of fun at Grandma and Grandpa Whittingtons. SMILE!!!

Auntie Ashley with Addison and Brooklyn in Anthropologie. They were so patient and good, mommy can kind of get a little carried away in her favorite store!

Addison was soooo sweet to Brooklyn. She loved her! Addison would bring Brooklyn her toys and Blanket and play with her. I can't believe how tall Addison is, such a doll.


Sean, Sara, Stella, Jonah, Ava said...

Jorden, so glad you made it! The pictures were all so great. Brooklyn is so stinkin' cute. I love the one where she has a huge smile - her eyes are beautiful! I also love the one with Ashley and Addison - cute girls for sure. Happy New Year!!

Tori said...

Jorden - Glad you got to see Mollers and Addison! How fun! Sorry to hear about all the sickness!!! NOT FUN! See you soon!

Jamie said...

OK Jordan I can't help but comment. I love seeing the Whittington family Christmas pictures. The kids are adorable and I love Brooklyn's snuggy pink pj's that are the same as Annie's. Gotta love Carter's! Of course I also liked the fact that you went to Anthropologie, so FUN! Happy New Year!

James, Reese, Lauren said...

I can't beleive how big she is getting... I just love the pic at the top of the blog... love that little smile!!