Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our new home

We moved out of a house and town that I LOVE, to a new home and a new town which lets just say has taken some time to get used to. A very wise friend told us that no matter what the uncertainty of our situation we have a permanent home in heaven with our Savior. After weeks of living in the new home, we had a particular night, that at least for me, that made it feel a little more like home. A day in the life in our new home....

Trent loves the lawn mower and loves mowing lawn with Nate. Princess Brooklyn mowes close behind, because you know, she can do it HERSELF!
mowing turned into running through the sprinklers
Nate calls Trent the Water Boy
After mowing, our wonderful friends Bri, Phil and Tammy came over for dinner. After dinner we walked to the local Dairy Freeze for some ice cream. A tour of our town...
As we walked by the elementary school Mt. Rainier was out in all its glory.
The local Catholic Church
Hot air balloons in the distance
Bri and I love this little place
next we walked by the high school baseball field
then football field

through the parking lot
down the street
by the old cute homes
past the main building of the high school

past the bicycle shop...we are almost there
to...Cheese!!! the Dairy Freeze


Can I have some???
Thanks for a great day friends!
Brooklyn took a hard spill off the bench hit her head and her ice cream cone tumbled to the ground, Phil came to the rescue with a new cone.
Goodnight Dairy Freeze and hot summer night
Ok, almost, one last cone for the walk home!
lick please....
I got the adorable Leighton lip when I pulled out the camera, but shortly after I got this...
a little smirk!


Tori said...

Loved the update! THankful you are feeling more "at home" in the new place. You know my favorite picture was of Lake Chelan (besides the one of all of you guys on the picnic table). It look glorious!

Phil and Bri said...

First, you always have the cutest backgrounds. Second, I loved remembering this perfect evening! Can't wait to do it again, even if we have to get all bundled up!

Kim @ The Gab said...
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Kim @ The Gab said...

I loved seeing where you now live. Thanks for the tour. Now we just need to come for a visit. I have to admit I'm a bit jelous of the walk and ice cream outing!
I agree - hopefully we get to see you sometime this fall!
Funky Junk show?