Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cousins, Grandparents, and More

It is no secret I am ready for spring! I have six weeks to go (give or take) before baby #2 arrives and I have lost my "do everything without complaining..." attitude. I am officially tired of being sick (don't let anyone tell you it gets better after the first trimester because for me it doesn't, and if it does for you then count your blessings) i am tired of cold and rain, I am tired of viruses and colds, and to be honest I am just tired. I don't remember being this tired with Brooklyn. Ok now that I have officially complained to the point that you want to stop reading this post. Nothing is ever as bad as seems, and YES God's grace is sufficient and AMAZING, so moving on...

I took Brooklyn down to the local flower farm on a day it wasn't raining, at least for a moment, and took some amature pictures. The tulips aren't in bloom yet, that is when it really gets beautiful, but it was a good way to get out of the house, Brooklyn LOVES being outside.

Brooklyn loves birdies!!!

This is the cutest outfit that Brooklyn's auntie Laurel bought her. It is the perfect spring outfit and makes her eyes look piercingly blue!

Grandpa and Gigi Whittington came last weekend for a visit. We didn't do anything out of the ordinary but Brooklyn loved having them. They colored, went to the park, played, and of course the guys golfed! She woke up from her naps the two days after they left and would say Gigi? Papa?

My sister Rachelle and her family came from Idaho to celebrate her husband JB's dads retirement, so we got to visit them. It is amazing how fast kids grow. The kids had lots of fun playing together. Brooklyn loves to follow the big kids around. I had to laugh because Lauren just over 1 year, holding baby Tessa in the picture is a crack up. Brooklyn won't smile for the camera, ever, and Hailey could care less, but here is little Lauren.. you say smile and point the camera at her and she grins from ear to ear, posing for the camera holding her baby cousin. She is totally my sisters daughter, rachelle used to put us younger kids is cheesy poses and take pictures of us, I love it!

Devon (6 in May), holding Hailey(18 months), Lauren (14 months), Tessa(5 months), Cameron(4), Brooklyn(19 months)


Molly said...

I'm so glad you updated. So cute. Brooklyn is getting so big!! You're so close to having precious baby number two. You're allowed to complain a little bit!! Love the cousins picture especially the two nakey birdies.

Chris Kim Kinsley Cooper said...

I loved this post Jordy!! I love Brooklyn's face in the one where she is looking up!!! She truly is a beauty. And I am dying to see #2. And I am with Molly, when you are 6 weeks away from giving birth, you are allowed a little complaining. When you feel like your child is going to crawl out of you, you kind of feel like you would rather be holding them in your arms instead of your tummy! But you are almost there my friend. Praise the Lord!! I love you sweet friend!