Sunday, January 3, 2010

A time to Celebrate-For unto us a Child in born!!!

Here is my Christmas post. Really more like my December post. All things Christmas, leading up to Jesus Birthday and of most importance Christmas Day. I did not get a Christmas card out this year, I was determined to enjoy this time, and if I didn't get to some things this year, well so be it. With that said, I thoroughly enjoyed getting each Christmas card we received this year. We were amazed to see long time friends with their growing families, new friends with their families,and to hear of the wonderful things the Lord is doing in each of your lives throughout the year. I was moved to tears of joy reading The Penberthy Family Christmas letter, that told of the true power, grace and sovereignty of our Savior through the salvation of their dear sister Kelly in her last days here on earth. For by GRACE we truly have been saved. So on that note let the pictures begin...

Family picture at University Village doing some Christmas shopping with Bri and Phil.You Can't tell in the picture but this water fountain was frozen, pretty neat.

This Santa was walking around and Bri and I think he was the real santa. A real true white beard, Rosy checks, and well you can tell but just big.

Christmas Day at my parents! Hailey pushing Brooklyn's "to Grandma's house" suitcase and Brooklyn riding in Hailey's car. Go figure.
Hailey and Brooklyn opening gifts!

My sister Rachelle has this really neat picture of her as a baby sitting in the middle of
of all the gifts so we thought we would give it a try with the girls, not so much.
Brooklyn got this back pack from her Gigi and
Grandpa Whittington with four little horses in it. She thought it was pretty cool.

Her Christmas hat, this is not a great pic, but she looks really cute in it!

Brooklyn and I got this golf shirt for Nate, it was the last one, great find!
It says, "King of Clubs"

This was Nate and I's gift to Brooklyn. She played with it for a really long time. Brooklyn loves to sit and figure things out.
Another try at the picture with little Tessa

My Christmas stocking. Hot Chocolate, Mary Inglebreit calendar, Sarah Palin book, and a Christmas ornament. Doesn't get any better. Thanks Santa (Janet and Fred).
Santa brought Brooklyn an Elmo doll. She loves it and is giving it kisses in the picture

Brooklyn opening up her stocking, which is really Nate's, I still haven't made her one yet. Next year!
Nate continued a Christmas tradition that was done at his house for years. Christmas breakfast made by dad, not just any breakfast though, eggs Benedict. Yum Yum!

Nate preparing breakfast!

Family picture Christmas Eve at my Aunt's house.

Hailey loves all things that sparkle and glitter, so these pretty trees were very tempting.

Brooklyn and Hailey got the pants and coat outfit from my aunt Lynn and Uncle Gary, so cute. The girls wanted them on right away.

Hailey got after her gift and ripped it open

Brooklyn and my Uncle Gary opening her gift

Our first and only snow so far this year, Only a tiny dusting.
Which is peanuts compared to our 8 or so inches last year that delayed our flight to California

My Grandma starting our annual Cookie Day many many years ago, a tradition that has continued since she has passed. It is a treasured memory in my heart and I love that we still do it. This is a doll stroller that Brooklyn is not suppose to get into, we turn around and look where she is...Naughty list.

Spritz cookies!

My aunt Karla, Karen, and Tammy busy at work. All on different cookies.

Brooklyn and I made some cookies the night before cookie day because there are only so many cookies you can cook in one oven. I just loved having her in the kitchen with me. Even though she will never remember this Christmas baking cookies, I will, and will Cherish the memory.

Brooklyn and I went over to Tammy's house and helped her decorate her tree. She had this cute headband that Brooklyn wore for a little while.

Brooklyn in Seattle with Santa. She did pretty good. I think the best part was that Santa gave her a candy cane at the end.

I meant for the picture below this one to be posted first. Below Haily looking at Santa and here Hailey not so ok with Santa. Pretty cute.

5 comments: said...

Jorden, What great pictures and memories made during the Christmas season. It's such a blessing seeing Brooklyn become a little girl. I especially like the picture of them standing in the middle of the presents:) We are looking forward to seeing you guys really soon. Give Brooklyn a big hug and kiss for me!!

The Parsons' blog said...

Love all the pictures, Jordy. The family ones are so so great!! My favorite is the one of Brooklyn in the doll stroller - I just want to squeeze those thighs. I hope you're feeling good! Miss you.

Phil and Bri said...

Love love all the pics! I love little miss B and I think it is so fun that she loves her gifts and plays and wears them, and walks around with them! What fun! Your spritz look amazing too...those always seem to frustrate me! I hope I can join you next year too! :)

Jamie said...

i am so happy you guys had such a special christmas together. it's so fun celebrating with the little one's! i love that nate made you guys breakfast. my dad does the same every year for us. i hope you are doing good and feeling healthy jordan, love you!

zkgormley said...

It was so great to see you and Nate the other night. Thanks for hosting! All I can say is Red Robin fries...mmmm! Looking forward to meeting up again soon.