Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Little Tessa Rae-just in time!!!

I know I am a little behind on posting. This no computer thing is a bummer. Anyhow my adorable neice was born September 12, 2009. And here is her story....Lacey says on the night before,"I am having contractions about 8-10 min apart." Jorden says,"Are you going in." Lacey says,"not yet I don't want to go to early." Jorden says,"call me when you are going in and have Anthon text me when you get all checked into the hospital and I will come." I am expecting a call at around 12:00am with the way Laceys contractions are going. I wake up at 6:00am and am thinking Lacey did not call me what happened??? I text Lacey do you want McDonalds egg mcmuffin??? Lacey text back "no way gross." She loves egg mcmuffins. I get a text a short time later. Lacey text,"we are going in text you when we get checked in." the hospital is 30 min away. 15 min later...Anthon texts,"You better get in your car and come right now." Jorden text back,"I am on my way right now." I literally grab my purse and run out the door. I am driving like a mad woman. Come to find out not as mad as Anthon was driving while Lacey was about to give birth in the car. I get to the hospital running full speed get to the front desk and the lady looks at me like I am crazy. I said my sister is in labor. She says whats her name? "Lacey Brueggeman." OOOOO I will not ask you the questions I am suppose to ask she says, you better hurry I have never seen any one in that much labor before....
about 30 min later, sweet Tessa Rae Brueggeman came into the world. I made it just in time. Or should I say Lacey made it just in time!!!
Uncle Nate and Tessa. What a wonderful surprise you were Tessa. Another sweet baby girl!

First Bath!

ANthon and Tessa. She already loves her daddy

To cute!


Phil and Bri said...

Oh my goodness that is a great story! I especially love Lacie's response...gross! were trying to be so thoughtful, guess that's pregnancy for ya though! That is awesome!

James, Reese, Lauren, Maddie said...

What a great story... glad she made it... Tessa is a cutie!!!

zkgormley said...

Thanks for sharing Jorden! I miss you having a computer too! Way too long between posts :)

Jamie said...

I loved that story! It brought back good memories of when Annie was born and my mom and I pretty much slept at the hospital waiting for her arrival. I have missed you so much but every time you post it's just so worth the wait! Your niece is just precious Jordan. Happy Thanksgiving friend! Love you!