Wednesday, August 19, 2009

As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the coutenance of his friend."-Prov. 27:17

Another reunion trip with the TMC basketball team. It always feels weird to say that because yes we all played basketball together but it is just so much more. We are friends. We honestly love each other, we honestly want success for one another, we honestly want God's blessings to be poured out on each other and we honestly LOVE each other. O and we honestly laugh so hard because while some might not think we are funny we honestly find each other amusing.

Our annual porch picture!!!
Silly camp fire picture. We love chatting, acting silly, and roasting smores!

We were the first 4 to arrive.All stars- Reesie, KG, and Erin all skied that night. brrrr seriously to cold for me.

Thought this was a really cute picture taken at dinner.

fun tubing pic!

Porch picture minus Jen. It was so exciting when she got to the restaurant.

The beautiful vineyard, the lake is behind us also but you can't see it in the picture.

I just had to put this picture of Tori tubing because she goes tubing with us even though I know it is not her favorite. You are awesome Tori!

Liz came out of Walmart with this shirt and sweats on. Everyone loved it so we all went back in and got Lake Chelan shirts. We spent the next hour or two hanging out and taking pics in Walmarts parking lot. Notice it is light in this picture and not so light in the others. I guess we can have fun anywhere!

Still at Walmart

Getting ice cream at Lakeview, its the BEST!

We tried and tried and tried to get a group jumping pic. I had to post one of one of the many attempts. At least this one we got Liz jumping.


James, Reese, Lauren, Maddie said...

J- Loved seeing you at Chelan... way too much fun... can't wait till next year. Thanks for the props, but it was Jen with the first Chelan post.

Philip and Brianne Seston said...

I love every second of this! TMC and Coach have no idea the lasting impact they had on our lives! I feel so blessed looking at these photos and I didn't even play with you guys! My favorite pic is of you guys outside of looks like a cover of a "boy band" I guess "girl band" CD. Karen and Erin crack me up. Thanks Jordy!

Jamie said...

i love what you said about your friendship with the girls,jordan! it felt like a got a glimpse into your trip with all of your fun pictures. i just love all of you and i love seeing all of you together. i know what you mean about having fun no matter where you are (i feel that way with kim and erin). i laughed so hard at the picture of tori tubing, so great! i love that liz came out of wal-mart dressd up too! thank the lord for solid friendships and the bond of christ. i will stop writing my novel now : )

The Parsons' blog said...

I'll never get tired of looking at these pictures. I love the verse you used. It's so true and totally relates. It was so fun, Jorden. Was Brooklyn excited to see her Mama when you got home?! Love ya!

Tori said...

Okay....I do like tubing...BUT not the crazy all-star tubing that you all do!!! :) Such great times this year! I loved every minute! WORD!

Molly said...

I love seeing everyone's Chelan blogs. Rachael was looking at all my pictures, and she's like what's with all the pictures of you guys squatting like you're peeing. I told her that those were all of the attempts at getting a Jumping shot!!!

Zach & Kim said...
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Zach & Kim said...

Thanks for including us again! We love seeing you all. We even made it into one pic!

DeVries Family said...

So fun seeing pics of all you guys!!! I laughed out loud at Tori's face tubing, I clicked on it so I could get a better look. Nothings better than a girl trip!!!

Karen said...

Oh my word!!! I was laughing so hard Jord! Love all the captions....! It really summed up our time together! And the verse is awesome too! I look at the pictures and just smile, we are so crazy! It is amazing how Christ's bond is so solid! Wow! Love ya!