Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Let Freedom Ring

We had a wonderful 4th of July with the Gormley family and Tori at Lake Chelan. This is Zach and Brooklyn driving the boat. Zach let Brooklyn drive on his lap the whole entire way.

KG skiing like a pro. SHe is seriously awesome and fun to watch.
Watching Karen take an early morning ski. Nothing like lake bedhead!!!

Jorden, Tori, Kim, and Zach enjoying the peaceful night before the fireworks began!

Happy 4th.

Sitting out by the Lake with the firepit after the firework show.

The girls getting ready to watch the firework show. Roasted some smores before hand, yum!

Kim and Dale getting the bad mittin'(sp?) net ready.

Brooklyn in her pretty 4th of July dress!

Games at the lake!

Max made this really yummy dessert. It tasted as good as it looked.

Brooklyn and I on the diving board in the matching 4th of July dresses I made. I know a little cheesy but I had to do it before she gets to big to be like mom seriously that is so dorky. Thanks Aunt Karla I never would have finished the dresses in time without you. You're the best!

Family pic at the lake!

Sweet baby girl!

Another mommy daughter picture.

Father/daughter. Brooklyn LOVES her daddy.

Kim, Tori, and Karen with the really cute jello desserts. Max really did it up with the food. It was so festive and yummy.

Enjoying the sun!

KG and Brooklyn.

Brooklyn enjoying the festive decorations of the 4th!


Jamie said...

seriously where do i start since i LOVED everything about your 4th of july jordan! brooklyn is so adorable sitting on zack's lap for the boat ride. the gormley's lake house is beautiful and so fun you all were together! you are so talented with sewing those cute sundresses (love that pattern too). you two looked so pretty. i want one! ok karen is a hottie and the cutest water-skier! reminds me i need to go to the gym before i put on my swimsuit, ha ha! her dad is so cute to make all those festive desserts. glad you guys had so much fun! xoxoxo

The Parsons' blog said...

I love everything!! Jorden, could you and Brooklyn get any cuter? Seriously?? The answer is no. You're both so beautiful. I LOVE the dress. How do you do the smock top??? So glad you had a fun 4th. Can't wait for our trip to Chelan!!!!!

Oh and Max is rocking the desserts! The cake she made looked awesome!

Philip and Brianne Seston said...

I could only hope to be as cooooooool as you one day! :) You are stinking awesome!! Much love for you girly!

Tori said...

What a weekend! Words can't say more than that. LOVE it!

Chris Kim Kinsley Cooper said...

Jordy, the girls said it all. You and Brooklyn are absolutely beautiful! I love seeing all the pics of you, Karen and Tori. I know you three must have a blast together! I love you friend and wished we lived closer so we could have the girls spend time together. I loved the pics of you, Brooklyn and Nate. Isn't it so special to see a daddy and their daughter. And it just gets better and better!

James, Reese, Lauren, Maddie said...

Great pics... tns of fun... love the dresses... great job!!!

Lacey said...

That looked like an awesome 4th of July!! Last summer my dad got a rental in that same exact spot at Lake Chelan and destiny, thomas, me, bethany, david and daniel all went. We stayed in the bottom floor of the (blue, i think), 3-story house right at the bottom of that steep driveway you come down!! Crazy!! It was the best spot with the dock right out the back door and a fire pit and everything. I Was just thinking the other day how fun it was!! Is your friends' house the log one?

Karen said...

4th of July is one of my favorite holiday's and it was THAT much better because you, Nate & Brooklyn were able to come!! What a fun weekend! I hope it works out for next year too! Love the friends, festivities, food, and fun!! Woo hoo!!!