Thursday, March 19, 2009

Present and Past Mustangs

It is always fun to go back to Master's and watch the girls team play. I have been blessed to know at least one player since I graduated, so it makes it extra fun to go back. Bri (next to me in picture) is from where I grew up, she came to Masters the year after I graduated. She played with Jen and Tiffany (in picture) they were all part of the team that made it to the final four! The year after Bri graduated Amanda transfered from WSU to Masters. This was her senior night. When Amanda was in elementry school she ran around in my lettermans jacket. Hard to believe she is a senior in college. It has been such a blessing to watch her grow and mature into a young lady who loves God.

Congrats Amanda on a great career. We love you!
Now all past lady mustangs!!! How time keeps ticking.


Jamie said...

I just love hearing stories about Master's and seeing pictures in the gym. Brings back great bball memories. I told Kim I want to go to a volleyball game with her, but I forget that it's kinda tircky with kids.

Can we please start a boutique together?? I wish we lived closer together! We would have some fun being creative. You had me cracking up over how you ate the eggs in a week. YES I DO THE EXACT SAME THING TOO! Very dangerous!

So you won't happen to be in Santa Clarita at the end of this month, will you? I am going down for a visit to see Erin and Kim. Wish you could be there(and sara too, wishful thinking I know). This turned into quite the novel but I had to tell you all of it! : )

Jamie said...

Oh and I always get so excited when you update!

The Parsons' blog said...

Cute pictures Jordy. And hello, hot mama!! You're so tan...I'm so pasty white I scare myself :( It's frightening. I can't wait for summer and nice sunny weather!!! Glad you had a fun time. It's crazy to think I haven't stepped foot in that gym in over 8 years. sad.

jorden9879 said...

Sara-I got burned at the baseball game at Masters. I am not that dark anymore. It is weird to think it has been so long since we played there. You need to make it back sometime soon. Mabye we can get Dan to do an alumni game???

jorden9879 said...

I wish I was going to be down at the end of the month. I am glad you get to go hang out with Kim and Erin. What special friendships from college! We did have alot of fun times in that gym.

Wouldn't it be nice if we all lived close, we could have a store full of all different kinds of treasures!!!

Have fun with the girls!!!