Thursday, October 16, 2008

Indiana to Washington

A night spent with good friends, what could be more refreshing! Erin was in town visiting from Indiana and all the Washington girls met her and went for dinner. As Karen said, It is amazing no matter how much time passes that when friends are linked by the common bond of Christ it is like we were still in college spending every day together, sooo amazing and such a blessing! It was so great to get to see Drew again, he has grown up so much. Drake is as precious as can be, I am so glad we got to meet him. What a special treat to have Erin in town!!!


Tori said...

SO CUTE! WHat a fun night! Loved the next day in P-town also! Just chilling on your comfy couches! And I love being a "WA" girl!

Sean, Sara, Stella, Jonah, Ava said...

Amen Tori on you being a WA girl ;) Love the pictures, and seriously I wish I could do that every weekend! So fun. J, I might have to borrow these pictures for my post too, if that's OK?!

Jamie said...

Jordan, I am so glad you met Drake and Erin met Brooklyn. The pictures of you and the WA girls and Erin are so great! Aria came to visit me the other day and I showed her your blog, she loved it and she thought Brooklyn was so pretty!